Johnson Controls } Ingenuity Welcome

Johnson Controls / Fallon

Creative Director for Ingenuity Welcome microsite, games and OLA [2008]

Johnson Controls, a global diversified technology and industrial services organization, and ad agency Fallon created the “Ingenuity Welcome” campaign as a recruiting device to attract engineers and creative thinkers to their organization. Colossal Squid designed a sleek, localized brochure site to house three physics-based “sandbox” games that challenged players to creatively solve design puzzles related to Johnson Controls’s service offerings. Squid conceived, designed and developed “Coconut Run," "Particle Pro” and a third game, "Piggy Fling," which was designed and developed but never released.

The site received 30 million page views over its several month run, with an average visit length of 17 minutes. The Coconut Run game amassed such a passionate fanbase that players created hundreds of YouTube videos to showcase their personal vehicle designs and course cheats. At the close of the campaign, two Facebook protest groups surfaced to lobby for the games to be rereleased.

Cannes shortlist finalist in the Branded Advergaming category. [2009]
One Show Merit Award in the Brand Gaming category. [2009]

Colossal Squid Industries

games, physics, 3D, industrial, recruiting