Captain Morgan } Captain in the Clutch


Creative Director for video production, pages, game and OLA [2008]

Diageo’s Captain Morgan is the number two brand in the global rum category. Because their core consumer is a sports-obessed male postgrad, the NCAA basketball tournament is a natural push period. Arc was asked to develop a March Madness OLA campaign that would link the brand’s signature drink, Captain and Coke, to the ubiquitous tournament and related parties. Arc conceived, designed and developed a flight of rich media units starring brand character “Morganette Caitlyn” (Jessica Morris – Role Models). The banners included an addictive table top basketball shootout game that challenged players to beat Caitlyn’s score in under 45 seconds. Arc conceived, scripted, directed, scored, shot and produced over two dozen sequenced Caitlyn video clips that contextually enhanced the experience with bumper messages and in-game taunts.

Arc Worldwide

OLA, rich media, game, nonlinear video production, reactive content, spirits