Embarq } Muttonhead

Embarq / Mullen

Creative Director for muttonheadsays.com and social media apps [2008]

Embarq – a regional phone, internet broadband and advanced television service provider – along with ad agency Mullen developed the “Muttonhead” brand character campaign around a television promotion. The digital component to the campaign featured a video sharing site that allowed visitors to create insult “jab” videos starring Bill, the Floppy-Armed Muttonhead, and send them to friends. Colossal Squid architected and designed the site, consulted on integrated video production of the Bill character and post-produced the resulting composite footage. A light version of the video jab generator was refactored into a Facebook app, and an embeddable video player was also created for users that wanted to share their insults on personal sites.

Colossal Squid Industries

video, configurator, social media, apps, Facebook