McDonald’s } Active Kids Platform


Associate Creative Director for Active Kids Platform, Shrek’s Treketh to Adventure game. [2007]
Creative Director for Bee Movie game. [2007]

McDonald’s Global Marketing division sought to create a responsible kids marketing program to support the launch of the Shrek the Third Happy Meal promotion. Arc was tasked with creating a digital platform that not only entertained kids across the globe but also integrated active family fun for the mind, body and spirit into a seamless experience. Arc conceived, designed and developed the Active Kids Platform, a web-based gaming platform that made a game of play in the virtual and real worlds. Kids were able to play exclusive online games featuring McDonald’s partnership properties (DreamWorks’s Shrek and Bee Movie; Sony’s Surf’s Up) and also use the platform’s activity converter orb to earn in-game rewards for logging activities that they performed offline. All of the platform’s online and offline activity scores contributed towards global community goals, which resulted in digital and real world rewards. (In the Bee Movie program, McDonald’s planted 1 million flowers as a result of players reaching a community milestone activity score.)

The platform’s “Shrek’s Treketh to Adventure” game launch registered 1.2 million users from 106 countries around the world. The average time on the site was 19 minutes, and 1.4 billion activity points were earned by players, with nearly 97% of the points coming from offline physical activity.

PMA Reggie Awards Gold in the Shopper Marketing category and Silver in National Consumer category [2008]
ADDY Districts Gold in the Mixed Media Consumer category [2008]
One Show Merit award in the Interactive category [2008]
FAB Awards Finalist for Best Website [2008]

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